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Mrinalini Mohindra

Mrinalini made her mark in music and dance, acting and anchoring from a very young age.
Though Mrinalini was very talkative but, her speech was not very clear till she was 4 years age and mother was worried that she might be having some problem but it was noticed that when she used to sings any song her words were very clear . Then the mother started teaching her vocal music at home and sent her for Classical vocal musing training. From childhood Mrinalini was very confident and her parents were afraid to go to watch any, dance or music concerts because she always started running towards the stage and grab the mic and start talking or singing. So many times she put her parents in awkward situation. Now the confidence can be seen in her talent. She is a very good speaker. She started anchoring stage shows and radio shows form the age of 15. Recently she anchored Colors Australia Talent Hunt and Bobby Deol’ meet and greet in Sydney.
Mrinalini is a multi talented person, as she is not only a good dancer and singer but she plays several music instruments like Sitar, Harmonium, Keyboard and Xylophone etc. Mrinalini is doing her Degree in Accounting and to keep her talent alive she teaches Music & Bollywood Dance at The Elegant Creations.