The Elegant Creations Brings ITA School of Perorming Arts to Australia

 The Elegant Creations Academy of Performing Arts (Sydney), Australia has now officially tied up with The ITA School of Performing Arts (Mumbai), India. The Elegant Creations was founded in Australia in 2009. The academy’s director Dr. Madhvi Mohindra, holds a Masters Degree and a PhD in performing arts, now conducts classes in Indian Classical Dance, Bollywood Dance, Indian Folk dances, Music (Instrumental and Vocal). 
Dr. Mohindra's decision to include 'Acting Classes' within the academy was aimed at providing a platform and a window of opportunity to local Australian Talent into mainstream Bollywood and Indian TV Industry. This is now possible with the help of ITA School of performing arts (Mumbai) India. ITA School of Performing Arts is an institute is guided and managed by some of the most credible names in the multi-billion dollar Indian entertainment industry which include Mr. Shashi Ranjan (Director of ITA), Raveena Tondon, Rajan Shahi, JP Dutta, David Dhawan, Alka Yagnink amongst many. Acting courses include 'Improvisation in Acting', 'Diction Speech in Acting', 'Method Acting', 'Stanislavski method in Acting', 'Movement in Acting', 'Quick learning in Acting' and 'Making of an Actor'. 
The ITA School of Performing Arts distinguishes itself in many ways, but the three most outstanding features of the School are: -Placement & Exposure Facilities -Infrastructure -Industry Connectivity. Conceptualized and steered by doyens of the TV & Film industries, the courses at ITASPA offer incomparable advantages. A student’s association with ITASPA does not end with the completion of a programme. The ITA group’s own companies as well as several associated platforms are attached to ITASPA to ensure openings and exposure for all its students. Acting Classes will commence in May 2014 and at the end of the 3 months term, students will get a certification in Diploma in Acting. 
*** To mark the grand partnership of ITA (Mumbai) and The Elegant Creations (Sydney) since March 2014, popular Sydney singer, Priyanka Pri Pri was launched by The Elegant Creations and sent to perform live at The 13th Gr8! Women Awards 2014, held in Hyderabad(India) amongst mega celebrities from Bollywood and the South Indian Film Industry. 
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